Thank you so much for being here!

I'm a published author of six full-length novels. My books range from contemporary romance to romantic suspense to dark and gritty. My books won't be for everyone. I consider myself an "outside-the-box" writer, and I don't shy away from real life struggle, controversial subjects, or raw human emotion. I believe every love story is worth writing, no matter how messy it might be.

My dark romance novel, "Still Beating", became a bestseller on Amazon in three separate categories, and I'm pathetically grateful. 

Did I always want to be a writer? Yes. Did I always believe I could be? Nope. I started writing as a young child with cheesy poems and terrible romance stories scribbled onto college ruled notebook paper. Then I delved into fanfiction (Buffy/Spike is the OTP, y'all), and I give a lot of credit to the Buffyverse writing staff for inspiring me with their emotive writing style, wit, and humor. I also recall devouring historical romance novels during my teen years, holing myself up in my bedroom for 12+ hours a day, and losing myself in the love stories. 

It took me thirty-four years to finally take action and pursue my dreams. The time will pass anyway—make sure you're doing what you love. Make it count.

Happy reading, friends. ♡